# Welcome to EAAS.GLOBAL docs

# Mission

To provide everyone with a simple way to enrich their lives by verifying their participation in the global movement to clean up our environment. All people deserve more rewards for taking even the smallest steps toward a sustainable future

Together, we're not just imagining a greener tomorrow, we're actively building it.

# Vision

A world where decentralized technology makes doing more good for the planet more rewarding for everyone

# 🌿🔄🌍 Going green the EAAS way

With just a few smartphone clicks and cable connections, individual EAAS community members can:

  • 🌱build and test their sustainability knowledge,
  • 🚲track bicycle commutes, walking, and other day-to-day eco-friendly behavioral activities,
  • 🔌link our special device(DePIN) to monitor household energy consumption use, and
  • 🤝bring new members into the community.

In return, individual EAAS community members receive:

  • 🔗a blockchain-verified, EU-compliant record of their personal eco-impact, and
  • 💰the option to get several forms of financial rewards.

We protect your privacy while verifying your green actions using advanced technology. Plus, our technology shows concrete proof that you're helping the environment by offsetting emissions.

# Support

Do you have questions? Please feel free to check out our FAQs